Austinites for Geographic Representation, Austin’s broadest and most diverse political collation, declared it will help city hall ensure the Citizens Districting 10-1 election system is implemented accurately, effectively and efficiently for November, 2014 elections. AGR set up a Committee to help with issues and process. The Committee is currently focused on two potential stumbling blocks: Preclearance of the CD10-1 plan by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and Definition of the district maps by May, 2014.

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Media coverage included:

Redistricting expert cautions city auditor on 10-1 boundaries deadline,” by John A. Salazar of YNN:

“With 40 years of redistricting experience under his belt, retired University of Texas law professor Steve Bickerstaff says there’s still plenty of work left to be done. ‘The auditor should be commended for these first steps,’ Bickerstaff said. ‘The one thing that I am concerned about is this process needs to be finished and enacted by next summer.’ Right now, the auditor’s plan is to have the commission finish the maps by April 2014.

Timing for City Districts May Hit Snag,” by Joy Diaz of KUT News:

“It’s the city auditor’s job to set that all-important timeline. He works from language in Proposition 3, which created the 10 council districts that now need to be drawn. According to the proposition schedule, the redistricting commission that will draw the maps has until next December to present a final plan. The auditor wants to extend that deadline until April 2014, and that makes Prop 3 proponent Roger Borgelt, a campaign and election lawyer, nervous. Borgelt’s main concern is the Department of Justice. Because of Texas’ history of discrimination, election maps and procedures have to be OK’d by the DOJ, which demands 90 days for this process.”

A 10-1 Sense of Humor? You’ll Need It.” by Elizabeth Pagano of the Austin Chronicle:

  • “Already, the schedule for unveiling geographic districts in Austin has been denounced as impractical
  • “City Auditor Ken Mory – charged with implementing the plan – began his public work, briefing Council at its Tuesday work session on his proposed timeline and then inviting public input Tuesday night. The schedule – including the selection of an auditors’ pool (and subsequent panel), the selection of a citizens’ redistricting pool (and subsequent commission), the drawing of maps, and Department of Justice preclearance in time for new single-member districts to be in place by April 1, 2014 – was within hours denounced as impractical.

How you can get involved

We hope you, and all Austinites, work to keep Austin livable for everyone.

Austinites for Geographic Representation has disbanded after accomplishing its objective: making the 10-1 plan of geographic representation the election law in Austin.