Do you meet the basic qualifications?

1) Are you registered to vote?
2) Are you either:

2a) A student at a community college, college, or university in Austin?
- OR -
2b) Have you been registered for at least 5 years and have you voted in 3 of the last 5 elections?

3) Are you now a resident of Austin?

If you reply YES to all 3 questions, please continue

Do you have the skills?

4) Do you have relevant analytical skills?
5) Can you be impartial?

If you reply YES to both questions, please continue

Have you “recently” done paid political work or run for office?

In the last 5 years have you or your spouse:

6) Run for city or state elective office?
7) Been a paid employee on a campaign committee or paid consultant to a public official?
8) Been a registered state or local lobbyist?

9) Did you contribute or bundle $1,000 or more in contributions in the last city election campaign?

In the last 3 years have you:

10) Been a paid city employee?
11) Received a professional, non-competitively-bid city contract?

If you reply NO to all 6 questions, please continue

Are you willing to accept restrictions on your future political activity?

12) Do you agree not to hold an Austin city elective office for the next 10 years?

For the next 3 years do you and your spouse agree not to:

13) Hold appointive office for the city?
14) Serve as paid staff for the city or the city council?
15) Be a paid consultant to the city or the city council? †
16) Receive a non-competitively bid contract with the city? †

If you reply YES to all 6 questions, then …

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

See that wasn’t too hard for most Austinites, was it?

† Note: These restrictions apply to you as an individual, your  spouse, and to all entities for which you or your spouse are a “controlling person” (e.g. 10% or more ownership of a corporation).

* For the specific language and more details, please see the CD10-1 ballot language.

Print this questionnaire.


How you can get involved

We hope you, and all Austinites, work to keep Austin livable for everyone.

Austinites for Geographic Representation has disbanded after accomplishing its objective: making the 10-1 plan of geographic representation the election law in Austin.